Move IT 2019

"Making Logistics Smarter" ist das Thema der AHK debelux-Konferenzreihe Move IT, die ihren Auftakt am 14. November 2019 im European Convention Centre in Luxemburg hat. Passend zum Logistik-Hub Luxemburg widmen sich lokale und internationale Experten bei einer Podiumsdebatte den Fragen: Wie wird IT in Logistikunternehmen heute angewandt? Welche Technologien sind erhältlich und welche Vorteile bieten diese? Luxemburg ist nicht nur Europas Logistik-Spitzenreiter, sondern auch ein Hotspot für Innovation und Unternehmertum. Die Anwendung von Softwarelösungen im Logistikbereich ist entscheidend für das Bestehen von Unternehmen im internationalen Wettbewerb. Worauf gilt es aber bei der Implementierung zu achten? Auch hierauf sollen insbesondere kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen bei der Konferenz Move IT eine Antwort erhalten.

“The added value of digitalisation in logistics systems is to improve the logistics services for the customers. Essentially, it is about reducing the complexity of logistics, making global, intermodal supply chains more transparent and efficient with the help of integrated digital technologies, automation of business processes and new digital products and solutions. This is the next generation of logistics.”

Gerry Marynissen
CIO of Kuehne + Nagel BeLux

"Digitalization is a process with several waves. Having completed the first wave, electronic records, we are now experiencing the second wave of connectivity, while preparing for the third: artificial intelligence (AI), which will harness the availability of data to empower decision making. This will allow us, e.g., to eliminate repetitive and trivial tasks, enhance maintenance, or improve decisions involving large scales of data. Early solutions will likely support the workforce and increase productivity."

Prof. Benny Mantin
Supply Chain Management at Luxembourg University

"Transport companies are becoming more competitive as their supply chains are getting more environmentally friendly. The interaction and collaboration between manufacturing companies and logistics will be increased in quality, clarified by cross-company solutions with real-time dialogue, through the systems."

Alphonse Stremler
CEO Stremler AG

"Aside from being a centerpiece on Autonomous Vehicle functionality, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to transform logistics functionality. Logistics will become more reliable due to the ability to predict equipment needs, synchronize assets in conjunction with other activities and assets and optimize transportation routes both prior to shipment but also during shipment. And this will all be completed with less real time, manual intervention. AI has the ability to fundamentally transform how logistics networks function and how and where inventory is provisioned and utilized."

Sean Riley
Senior Director Transport & Manufacturing Software AG Chicago

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