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"Circular Economy is so much more than waste management. It is about making the best possible use of our limited resources in the conception, production and use of our products." Dessa Langevoort, BASF

"By 2050 there will be nine billion people in the world. We need to find ways to prosper without overusing natural resources, hurting others or changing the climate. This requires new ways of thinking about the way we are designing and construction our buildings. Steligence®, ArcelorMittal’s new approach to construction, is a solution to reach this goal." Prof. Dr. Olivier Vassart, ArcelorMittal

"Only a circular economy that puts people and planet first can deliver the bold vision of the Sustainable Development Goals. " Tamsin Rose, Moderator

"In order to become really successful, the Circular Economy needs a review of existing regulations. E.g. REACh, transport of waste regulation and environmental legislation are not ‘designed’ with Circular Economy in mind. This has to be improved." Dr. Jan Tytgat, Umicore

"Realizing a circular economy is a matter for everyone. That is why we are working on a broad partnership of organizations that also include engagement for action. Industrial companies and SMEs are indispensable in this." Brigitte Mouligneau, Circular Flanders

"The circular economy will have increasingly profound effects on the way we produce and consume, and on our relationship with nature and natural resources. As first movers usually benefit from substantial competitive advantages by setting the next set of habits and rules for those who follow, our role as policy-makers is to ensure a faster and fair transition, in which all stakeholders are able to contribute, cooperate, and share the benefits that circular Europe will create.” Emmanuelle Maire, EU Commission

Let's talk circular! La Havenhuis du port d'Anvers offre un décor particulier à l'occasion de la conférence sur l'économie circulaire et le développement durable. Les grandes entreprises de l'industrie chimique, sidérugique, de matériaux, et de recyclage présenteront leurs projets et leurs stratégies avec tous ses défis opérationnels et ses opportunités.

19 juin 2019 à Anvers

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